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YouPorn is owned and managed by the same people that run RedTube and pornhub. It is another popular adult content site that lets you watch their materials free of charge.

The site offers its users a chance to see sexy sluts from different parts of the world perform on camera.

It features both amateur and professional performers. This has been the case ever since the site started back in August 2006.


Which categories does YouPorn feature?

On the homepage, you can find the latest and popular scenes in your country. There are also recommended videos selected based on your viewing history. The videos run for between 10 and 15 minutes.

While not all the videos show in HD quality, most of the recent ones are. YouPorn also offers different content categories which include;

  • Mature blonds
  • Creampies
  • Hentai
  • Amateur
  • Lesbian
  • European
  •  Anal sex etc.

The site also features a channels section which we are going to discuss later on. This allows premium porn websites to showcase some of the works they offer.

YouPorn is one of the best places to be for anyone who loves watching quality porn for free.

Updated YouPorn review for 2021

Hey guys! 2021 is about to start and it has been a long time since I visited YouPorn. This is why I decided to take some time this year to see whether there are new changes taking place at YouPorn.

My aim is to confirm whether YouPorn still offers high-quality porn videos. Note that so many things can change within a short period. This is why I always want to ensure that all my readers are updated on the best porn sites. I always like going back to some sites I reviewed before and find out whether they are still worth checking out.

So without further ado, let’s get to this fresh review of YouPorn. We will find out whether the site still offers the best porn to deserve a new recommendation.

The YouPorn homepage

One thing I don’t like in a porn site is them telling me that they noticed I am using an adblocker. There are good reasons why I have adblocker.

  • First of all, I have visited some nasty sites with viruses before and you can guess what happened. So I am not yet ready to uninstall my adblocker.
  • Another reason why I use an adblocker is to get rid of annoying ads when I am watching my favorite sex scenes. You all know how irritating these ads can be at times.

Without wasting another minute, let’s now review the YouPorn homepage.

Recommended videos

The first content option you come across is the recommended videos. For me, I didn’t understand why this option was there in the first place. This is because I was visiting the site for the first time using a different computer.

They couldn’t have guessed it was me again and start recommending some videos. The site doesn’t even know the type of content I like anyway.

 Recommended categories

After the recommended videos, the next option is the recommended categories. This also didn’t make much sense to me.

I scrolled down a bit and came across videos added to the archives within the past 24 hours. It seems like the site uploads plenty of content every single day. This makes YouPorn worth considering if you love fresh porn content.

The playlist feature

At the bottom of the page, there is a playlist feature. This didn’t seem useful to me.

What is the number of YouPorn videos?

There is one amazing thing I noticed about YouPorn. That you can determine the total number of videos they have. I realized that the archive page had 36 uploads. In total, there ate 8,861 archive pages. If you do the calculations right, it means that YouPorn has 318, 996 videos in total.

This is a whole lot of scenes I can say. Even if you watch these videos every day, there is no way you can complete the whole lot of them. It might take you years to do this. And by the time you finish, your dick might have probably fallen off!

Type of content offered at YouPorn

YouPorn features a lot of amateur videos. However, they also have a lot of lengthy video uploads from some of the biggest studios. These are names like Brazzers, Bang Bros, Pin-up Files, VIP4k among others.

The channels section

Like we said before, the website also has a channels section. This makes it possible to view content from specific producers. On these channels, you can sort the videos based on upload date, ratings, duration, and view count.

I love my porn videos rough, so I checked out Evil Angel. These chicks get fucked like nobody’s business. I also advise you to visit these channels and see the sluts facialized and their asses pounded like crazy. I guess these are some of the scenes to expect from a site that offers the same content as RedTube and pornHub.

Final thoughts on YouPorn

There are so many reasons why YouPorn is one of my favorite porn websites. For one, there are over 300,000 featured videos and you can watch all of them for free. Besides, most of these videos are of high quality.

Are there any disadvantages?

I can say so many great things about this site, but I still won’t fail to criticize some of the areas I think they should improve on. I will start with the adblocker thing that pissed me off.

As I said, there are genuine reasons why I use an adblocker and I think the website should also understand this. I also feel that the site should add more community elements and more detailed pornstar profiles.

Bottom line:

YouPorn is an interesting tube that stands out from the rest of the porn sites in so many ways. Visit the site and enjoy a wide collection of your favorite porn scenes from some of the finest studios.

What I liked

  • Daily updates
  • Most of the videos are of high quality
  • There are thousands of video to view

What I disliked

  • Not all the videos are offered in HD quality
  • Plenty of adverts