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I am always honest with you guys.  All the reviews ( Porntrex)  I have ever written are based on pure facts. You might have also noticed that I never fail to criticize a site if they do something that we as porn lovers don’t like.

You can therefore trust me today when I tell you that Porntrex is one of my favorite sites.

The guys behind Porntrex put quality above everything else. They even confirm this achievement by putting the most trusted porn site reviewer on the main tab. This tab will lead you straight to the reviewer’s site.

Keep reading to find out more about what this site has to offer.



One website that carries an entire network

Porntrex has a network of the most popular and high-quality websites. The site does not have limitations. But this review is all about Porntrex so will respect that.   I am going to show you what Porntrex offers that is rare to find on other websites.

Explaining the Porntrex homepage

First of all, Porntrex features the most amazing videos. You can find the most exciting video options right from the site’s homepage.  There is a large variety of full-length videos.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about missing out on some action because other greedy guys want you to buy premium.

How do the videos look like?

As we said, Porntrex only hosts the best porn videos. Make use of all their filter options to enjoy some of the sexiest videos on the planet. The videos on the homepage are a representation of what you should expect in different categories.

We are going to get into this later on. In general, there are amazing materials at the site. It is also free to stream and these videos.

How about the PornTrex website design?

In this subtopic, I would like to mention a few things about the Porntrex website design. I have actually got mixed feelings about this. I will start with the theme color.

The black, red, and white colors make the site look modern and full of life. However, the site bombards users with plenty of information on the homepage. The drop-down menus also look cluttered in some way.

Just to give my opinion, the tabs at this site should be a bit smaller.

This will help reduce confusion. The guys should also compress all the information surrounding each of their videos. For me,  having all this information is like making plenty of noise.

The night mode feature

I also loved the night mode feature at Porntrex.  This is actually an important feature for porn loves who don’t prefer light themes. I am actually one of them. This is the reason why I also have this feature on my website.

You can agree with me that most porn loves have their eyes glued on screens for hours.

What the white theme does is burn through your eyes. With the night mode, you can comfortably enjoy your favorite videos without hurting your eyes.

How to navigate through the site

Make use of the search bar to find your favorite models, videos, albums, and members.   With the search bar, you can basically get any type of information you want on the site.

It is also easy to navigate through the website.  On top of that,  Porntrex has amazing tab features that make it easier to find your favorite porn videos.

On the video tab, there is a drop-down menu that shows how users can sort the videos. The different types of options here include;

  •  Most viewed videos
  • Top-rated videos
  • Newest videos

There are also tags buttons and playlists on this drop-down menu.

A wide range of interesting categories

Next, there is the categories tab. This is where you get the most popular porn categories at Porntrex. Each of the categories on the left has a picture representation.

On the right side, there is also a collection of categories without pictures. Am not saying that this is not amazing. But then, there are already a number of categories on the left. So I didn’t see the need to have another set of categories on the right.

If anything, they could have just combined all the categories, either with or without the pictures.

I guess people have different ways of looking at things. So everyone is catered for here, except those who don’t like a lot of noise-like me.

But is there an explanation for this?

Porntex is a popular site which means that it attracts a lot of users. Adding a lot of features makes it easier for all these people to use the site.  At least this is how I can explain what all that ‘noise’ is all about.

Meet some of the most beautiful models in the porn industry

After the categories tab, there are also the models and albums tabs. Both the options also have drop-down menus with the same structure as the categories tab.

At the model’s tab, you can meet some of the most popular and gorgeous ladies in the adult entertainment industry.

At the albums tab, you can find a wide range of premium porn videos in a row.  Some of the videos are handpicked by the community members.

How is the Porntrex community like?

The community tab is located right after the albums tab.  This is where you can interact with the site’s users.

What to expect at the channels tab

The site also has a channels tab if you enjoy watching specific types of content. If you love watching a  certain porn niche, this is where you will get updated whenever content from the niche is uploaded. I personally enjoy Czech casting videos. I can’t really get enough of these videos.

There are also other tabs like forum, live sex, and the porn dude.  This last tab is where you can get reviews on other porn websites. It seems like Porntrex trusts this reviewer so much.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Porntrex to you guys. The wide range of categories will keep you wanting more.

PornTrex What I liked

  • Appealing website design
  • Night mode feature
  • Full-length videos
  • Plenty of categories
  • Content is free

PornTrex What I disliked

  • Tabs are distracting, they could be a bit smaller
  • Plenty of buttons


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