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I Know That Girl: A Site for Professional ‘Amateur’ Porn

We have all been there one time. Lets check Site called I Know That Girl

I am talking of the time where we are watching porn online and wish we come across a girl that we personally know. Some have been lucky to see a schoolmate or a girl who used to be their neighbor and now features in a porn site! It happens occasionally. Read more about I Know That Girl here !!

At times when watching porn, you might come across some comment like;

‘’Hey, I went to the same high school with this chick, couldn’t have guessed she would be here now’’

This is a dream that every porn lover would want to come true. But maybe this is not the only dream you would wish for. The real dream would actually be to be in the video banging the lady.

I Know That Girl

Why is amateur porn fun to watch?

This is precisely the reason that draws me to amateur porn.

It is obvious that amateur or homemade porn is never the best especially when it comes to video quality. I am well aware of this. And it is not the reason why I keep coming back. Not at all.

What makes me visit amateur sites every now and then is the possibility of finding a girl that I know.

It may be the barista I see every morning while ordering latte  or that attractive girl I went to college with. It may even be an ex-girlfriend, you can never know what to expect.

Just the thought of finding someone I know makes amateur porn interesting for me. Well, you may not find a girl that you know after all. But there is still a likelihood of finding someone who looks like her.

What to expect at I Know That Girl

This is the best thing about homemade porn. It looks more realistic and less artificial.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t like a little hardcore premium porn. This is what every guy would want to see after all. All I do is take a break from stuff like that every once in a while. This is the time when I feel like watching something more realistic.

As I said, amateur porn is all about real sex from real girls. This is where you see less exaggerated moans and fake tits. It is all about raw and passionate sex.

Whether you are in love with amateur or homemade porn, we all have the same dream. This is, finding a girl we know or we used to be close to before. This is the actual reason why I Know That Girl started. It is like Mofos, the porn network behind the site knew exactly what men wanted.

How I Know That Girl started

Originally, I Know That Girl was a porn website for professional and high-quality porn clips. These clips featured amateur and upcoming porn models. But we will get to this later.

Is I Know That Girl popular?

You have probably come across the site I Know That Girl before. The owners of this site have invested a lot of money in marketing it. This was especially in 2008 when the site was just getting started.

I remember seeing ads of this site on almost every porn website that I visited during that time. I could not escape those ads no matter how hard I tried.

These days, the site does not advertise as much as it used to. But a lot of porn lovers have heard about it. These are the guys who spend hours watching porn on their favorite sites.

 What is the quality of the videos?

I earlier said that I Know That Girl was originally for amateur content. These are porn sites featuring girls that you have never seen or heard of before.

But things have now changed. It is not only on I Know That Girl that we are experiencing these changes. Most other sites that claim to offer amateur content do not produce authentic stuff either. They claim to be amateur sites while in the real sense, it is professional pornstars that pose as amateurs.

I am speaking of sites like Dare Dorm if you have ever heard of that name before.

When starting, these sites are usually very interesting. They feature videos of real housewives getting fucked by the husbands. Or a real babysitter having sex with a gardener and stuff like that.

But somewhere along the way, they change to be professional websites with pornstars posing as amateurs.

I think the reason behind this is that the sites tend to run into legal problems.

Can I really find a girl I know?

It has now been difficult to find a girl that you know on a porn site. The only way you can meet a girl you know is if you know those pornstars personally, and chances are that you don’t.

I am not trying to say that I Know That Girl isn’t an interesting site anymore. Yes, it is quite disappointing that the site abandoned its purely amateur path. (which is how a site with such a name should be). However, the type of content available there is still great.

How they film the videos?

How they film the videos make them appear to be amateur porn. For instance, most of the videos start with an actor and an actress hanging out at home. One thing leads to another until they find themselves in the bedroom.

In most of the scenes, it is the guy that sets the camera, hiding it somewhere before they have sex. You are therefore never going to miss a single action.

The only thing that makes the scenes different is that the girls are not amateur the way they claim. Most of the actresses you see here can also be seen in other Mofo scenes. But when it comes to amateur porn, there are still some good reasons why I Know That Girl stands out.

Are there areas where the site should improve?

There is one great issue that I have with the site. That is, it is difficult to find from the Mofo web portal. This has been a problem with many Mofo older websites.

This started happening at the time when they switched to their fancy porn portal. They aimed to make it easier to access all the Mofo content from a single location.

It seems like the outcome turned out to be the opposite of what they expected.

When you go to the ‘sites’ tag and click on I Know That Girl, the website does not direct you to this page. It may be a broken link issue or something like that. Whatever it is, I found it to be very annoying.

This is also something that I didn’t expect from a high-quality studio site like Mofos.

The easiest way to find videos at I Know That Girl

The only option you will remain with is to look for I Know That Girl through tags. That is, you have to browse through the videos by tags. This means browsing through their collection of videos and finding one marked IKTG. By clicking on this tag, you will be directed to all I Know That Girl videos.

This seemed to be a simple option, but even reaching this point is not as easy as it may seem.

First, you have to click on the continue to Mofo link. Then you search by category. I wonder why they make it this hard to view content that most of us love.

Is it easy to navigate through the site?

When  you are on the site, it is way easier to find your way around. At the top section of the page, there is a banner that advertises new scenes. There is also a menu bar on top of the banner.

It is easy to filter the videos with options like girls, videos, sites, premium, cams, promos and meet& fuck.

The first place I visited was the videos tab. Here, I was welcomed with so many videos that even made it difficult for me to choose. You can sort the videos with options like;

  •  Top rated
  • Release date
  •  Alphabetically
  • Most viewed

It is even possible to organize your search by;

  • Date posted (this week, any time, this year, this month)
  • Category
  •  Site

Like I said, the site is easier to navigate when you log in.

How often does the site update content?

Another interesting thing I loved about this site is that it updates content regularly. There is always a new video upload at least once every week. This means that you can find something fresh to watch every time you log in to the site.

It also means that their collection of videos keeps increasing every day.

The two main things that you should expect at I Know That Girl are quantity and quality.

How many scenes?

While writing this review, there were exactly 510 scenes to watch. This number keeps increasing every day as new updates are posted.

In conclusion, I Know That Girl is an amazing porn site with plenty of amateur professional porn. If you are one person that likes homemade porn, then this is where you should be running to every day.

Are you going to find a girl you know? Most likely not. Which is still ok. You are going to forget about it right after you see that beautiful girl with natural hair sucking and riding a huge cock in the bathroom.

I Know That Girl What I liked

  • Plenty of porn videos
  • Quality ‘amateur’ but professional videos
  • Network access
  • New videos posted every week

I Know That Girl What I disliked

  • Poor website design
  • It can be difficult to find the videos